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Seva Parmo Dharam: Nurturing Lives, Building Futures

Welcome to Seva Parmo Dharam, where we are dedicated to uplifting orphaned and underprivileged children.
Through our comprehensive programs, we ensure every child receives the care and support they deserve.

Lively Stay

A Home Filled with Love and Care

Our Lively Stay program offers a safe and nurturing home environment. We provide comfortable living spaces, education, and emotional support to help children thrive and reach their full potential. Beyond just shelter, we create a family-like atmosphere where each child feels valued and loved. Our facilities

include clean and cozy dormitories, recreational areas, and study rooms, ensuring a well-rounded upbringing. Dedicated caregivers and mentors guide the children, helping their personal growth and development.

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Food and Nourishment

Nutritious Meals for a Healthy Start

Our Food and Nourishment program ensures every child receives balanced, nutritious meals daily. We focus on providing essential nutrients to promote their physical and cognitive development.

Each meal is carefully planned to meet dietary requirements and support overall well-being. Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to prepare and serve fresh, wholesome food, ensuring that every child has the energy and vitality needed to grow and learn.

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Free Education

Creating Minds Through Free Digital Education

Our Free Education program provides high-quality education to orphaned and underprivileged children. We offer a comprehensive curriculum designed to foster academic excellence and critical thinking.

Qualified teachers and modern teaching methods ensure each child receives personalized attention and support. By removing financial barriers to education, we empower children to pursue their dreams and build successful futures.

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Our Programs


Join us in making a difference! Volunteer, donate, or partner with us to support the children at Seva Parmo Dharam.
Together, we can create brighter futures for these deserving kids.

Our Funding Priorities Areas

Employment Opportunities


Food and Nourishment

We provide balanced, nutritious meals daily to promote physical and cognitive development, ensuring each child has the energy and vitality needed to grow and learn.


Lively Stay

Our program offers a safe, nurturing home environment with comfortable living spaces, education, and emotional support, fostering a family-like atmosphere for personal growth and development.

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